The Last Ten Days Of Ramadan

The Last Ten Days Of Ramadan

Days and nights of mercy and forgiveness have passed Ramadan is preparing for depature . We must invest the Last few days that have particular rank , they represent the most precious timed (days) all the year round .

Our prophet ” peace be upon him ” and his companions set the best example in  making the best use of these honorable days . They gave these days special care . They were keen on night prayers . They resort to complete detachment from the material aspects of life with its hustle and bustle . Through the tradition (sunna) of I’tikaf . Lady Aisha reported that the prophet “peace be upon him ” used to be in I’tikaf during the last ten days of ramadan . He and his companions devote themselves to worship hoping to witness EL-Qadr-Night , the night of honor and excellence . The night which is better in its values than 1000 months of worship . There is sura in The Holy Qura’n called ” Al-Qadr ” . Why not ?! The Qur’an revealed on that night . The angles and the spirit (Gabriel) descended on that night by their lord’s permission ,with every day decree , and this night is peace until the break of down . Our Prophet Muhammed “peace upon him ” said : ” whoever stood in prayer in the Night of Qadr on the basis of faith and seeking the reward from Allah ,Allah will forgive his previous sins . (Al-Bukhari) .

The Last Ten Days Of Ramadan
The Last Ten Days Of Ramadan

It can be a really a turning point in Muslim’s life . Imagine that in no time you all sins can be wiped out and begin a new life . So our great prophet asserted that whoever is deprived of the good of this night is really deprived of the whole (all) good , but when is this night . This night isn’t specially known to us to make us strive in worship during these ten days . Our prophet told us to ” look for the night of El-Qadr in the last ten days of Ramadan ” (Al-Bukhari,muslim&Ahmed ) – especially in –uneven nights .

Well , how can we make the best use of this night ?! we can make the best use of it by reciting Qura’n in prayer , and supplication to Allah through Dou’a and remembrance . Lady aisha asked our prophet “peace upon him” what she says if it is El-Qadr night  ” He recommended her to say ; Oh Allah , you ‘re forgiver who loves to forgive so forgive me ” (Ahmed & Temidhi)

Solitude with a copy of Holy Book , contemplation of its verses and being alone with Allah through previous acts of worship can purify our souls . By the end of these ten days we have to do Zakat El Ftr .

The obligatory Zakat by the end of Ramadan . It is due on the rich and the poor . It is due on every adult Muslim who possesses an amount of food in excess of his need and those of his family for 24 hours . It purifies fasting and elevate our souls . If we want to lead a happy and decent life . We must do the commands of Allah and his prophet.

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