The Righteous Deeds in Ramadan !

The Righteous Deeds in Ramadan !

Ramadan is the month of faith and piety. Allah(Glory be to him ) .” O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you that you may learn self-restraint, be pious”. But what is faith? some claim that faith has nothing to do with Muslims appearance, behavior or deeds. I can do what I want but I’m still faithful (believer in Allah) (Glory be to him). That’s definitely untrue.

When El Hassan EL Bassari was asked about the faith he said: ” Faith is what settled in the heart and assert by deed”.

If a true belief settled in the heart, it would control a man’s all organs and be translated into behavior and deeds. In lots of Holy Qur’an verses, faith and good deed are twined (identical).

Allah (Glory be to him) said: ” Surely those who believe and do righteous deeds, to them with God Most Gracious bestow His love (affection) ” ” Maryam 96″. And said, ” As for those who believe and do righteous deeds, they shall have forgiveness and most generous provision ” (Al Hajj 50) . And said: “As for those who believed and do righteous deeds, they shall be a garden happy and rejoicing (El-Rum 15). And said: ” And not equal are the blinded and the seeing, nor those who believe and do righteous deeds and the evil doers, little do you reflect ” (Ghafer 58). And said: “Or shall we treat those who believe and do righteous deeds, as those who are corruptors on the earth, or shall we treat the pious as the impious? ” (saad 8) . And said: ” and those who believe and do righteous deeds are the best of all creatures ” (Al Bayyinah )

These verses and many more else prove undoubtedly that faith and good deed are identical “twins”. They should never be separated. So Ramadan is the most convenient time for boosting faith and increasing good deeds since the reward is much doubled and the gates of the good are all opened.

In our religion, every task accompanied by sincere intention for the sake of Allah and His pleasure is considered a good deed and an act of worship.

To maximize our benefits from this honorable month, we should spare no effort in adhering to good and righteous deeds, for example …

First of all, we should draw a plan for these deeds. Planning and organ plan can make a difference and help us make the best use of the month, and help us summon to maximize the reward. This plan should have the qualities that we need to get rid of. It should include a schedule completing reciting and contemplating Qur’an and setting specific times.

The Righteous Deeds in Ramadan !

We should never forget the worship Dua’a and supplications. Write them in a diary, relate them to prayers and seek the times of Dua’a response. We can be alone with Allah through this worship before the time of El eftar . We should never forget all Muslims everywhere in our supplication.

As for prayer, we should keep performing prescribed prayers at their times at mosques. This should be a top priority. We can perform voluntary prayer in E Tarawih and Qyaam (night prayer). Abu Hurayra (may Allah be pleased with him) said prophet Muhammad (peace upon him ) said: ” whoever stood in prayer month of Ramadan on the basis of faith and seeking the reward from Allah. Allah will forgive his previous sins ” (Al Bukhari).

We can also keep a daily section of Allah’s remembrance to make our hearts closely related to Allah and have comfort. Allah (Glory be to Him ) said: ” Those who believe and their hearts fired serenity in the remembrance of God, indeed in the remembrance of God the heart finds serenity ” (Al-R’ad 28). So we should make this month a chance to be accustomed to Allah’s remembrance especially at dawn and at sunset. We mustn’t neglect almsgiving, we should do our best to look for the poor and the needy and meet their needs and solve their problem to bring happiness to their hearts and smile to their lips. It is important to try to do a minor pilgrimage to Mecca in Ramadan as it has the reward of major pilgrimage.

The Righteous Deeds in Ramadan !

Finally, we should never forget that Ramadan is the month of obedience and salvation from Hell. Its time is too precious to be wasted in watching trifling or even bad programs which we reap nothing from them but sins and guilts.

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