How to Prepare For Ramadan

In these days, we are looking forward to the holy month of Ramadan, one of the most precious times in our life as Muslims. This holy month unifies the Islamic Ummah all over the world and has an exceptional position in the heart of all Muslims.

Ramadan is not like other months, it has advantages over the others. There is a unique spiritual state makes it a special competition yard in which the Muslims race to perform the greatest amount of good deeds and acts of devotion because the reward is doubled, and the doors of repentance are wide open. Allah says: “So for this let the competitors compete” Surah Al-Mutaffifin.

How to Prepare For Ramadan
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You may wonder why we talk about Ramadan now before it begins. Well, because it is a precious opportunity and difficult to compensate. You have to prepare it before coming, if you want to take advantage of the opportunity to reach the maximum obedience and faith, you have started from now, it is the best training time to start before Ramadan begins.

You may also ask yourself why we keep performing the acts of devotion and give up sins and bad qualities in Ramadan, and then we return back to them after days or weeks. This happens due to the conditional link in our minds between worship and the month of Ramadan, not between worship and Allah, so the preparation for Ramadan should also be accompanied by changes in mindsets.

Here you are some techniques that help you prepare for Ramadan:

Some techniques help you prepare for Ramadan
Some techniques help you prepare for Ramadan

1. Knowledge: the most important thing that makes us ready to take advantage of this month is to know its value by Reading about it and its virtues; this charges us with the energy for work and achievement. Of course, the best and the recommended guide here is the Prophet Mohammed’s Sunnah.

2.Fasting: The best way to fast during Ramadan without any troubles is to train yourself by fasting some days before Ramadan begins.

3. Intention and repentance: holding the intention to acquire certain virtues and get rid of other sins is a very important step at this stage, it helps us focus on certain specific things making it easier to accomplish.

4. Pray to Allah and ask him for guidance during this month.

5. Recitation of Quran: it softens your heart and reminds you of what you should do and what you shouldn’t.

6. Visit your parents, relatives, and friends or call them, ask about their lives and help them if they need something. You also have a duty toward the poor people around you.

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