The Five Pillars of Islam


Do you believe in existence of perfectionism? Actually there is no existence of this concept at any level, field or human law, man is imperfect and so all his work, inventions, theories and laws, that’s the human nature, today I’ll talk about perfect law, it’s Islam.

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Prayer Times: Why Should We Pray On Time ?

Prayer Times: Why Should We Pray On Time ?

Allah Says: (surely, prayer is timely written upon the believers) [An –Nisa’ -103], Prayer (Salah) is the backbone of Islam, the second pillar of Islam after declaration of faith, has a lot of spiritual, mental and physical benefits, above all its performance on time has additional benefits, first of all performance of Al- Salah on time is the best way for time management and getting rid of procrastination, delay and laziness which are causes of failure. Let me tell you the times of the five daily prayers.