Sunnah: An Amazing Guide For The Good Life!

When your Lord said to the angels: ‘I am placing on the earth a caliph, ‘ they replied: ‘Will you put there who corrupts and sheds blood, when we exalt your praises and sanctify you? ‘He said: ‘I know what you do not know [Al Baqarah-30].

Sunnah: An Amazing Guide For The Good Life!
Sunnah: An Amazing Guide For The Good Life!

God Almighty created us and made us His successors in this world in an exam to distinguish the good from the bad, our human nature consists of both good and evil and we have the will to choose. At the same time we need a guide that’s why Allah sent messengers, they deliver Allah’s message and guide us to heaven, the last one was Muhammad (PBUH). If we want happy life and heaven we should follow prophet Muhammad’s Sunnah.

Sunnah at language books means the way and technique of life of any person, but for Muslims sunnah means (anything prophet Muhammad said or did or didn’t object on it), we can say it’s prophet Muhammad’s life style.

There are three types of sunnah (Sunnat-ul-Qual – Sunnat-ul-Fieel- Sunnat-ul-Taqrir).

1- Sunnat-Al-Qual (Hadith) : It is all the words of prophet Muhammad ,his orders, advices and clarifications, this kind represents  most of the hadith that we know, we should check the authenticity of hadith to know the difference between its types and to know the fake ones, it isn’t an easy mission but there are some methods that help , such as making sure that the narrator of hadith is trusted person ,presence of more than one narrator , comparing the content of hadith with Quran and so on.

Based on the reliability of hadith, numbers of narrators, matn and isnad and link of Isnad there are different types of hadith such as (Sahih (true) , Hasan (good), Da`if(weak), Maudu’ (Fabricated), and others ).

We have a precious collection of hadith books for great narrators we can trust
A precious collection of Hadith books

We have a precious collection of hadith books for great narrators we can trust, they are

Sahih Bukhari by Imam Bukhari

Sahih Muslim by Muslim b. al-Hajjaj

Sunan al-Sughra by al-Nasa’i

Sunan Abu Dawood by Abu Dawood

Jami al-Tirmidhi by al-Tirmidhi

Sunan ibn Majah by Ibn Majah

The most trusted ones are sahih Bukhari and sahih muslim ,they contain only sahih (true) hadith .

2-Sunnat-Al-Fieel (Actions): It consists of all actions and practices of prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

3-Sunnat-Al-Taqrir: Anything Al- sahaba (Prophet’s followers) did or say and He (PBUH) didn’t object on.

Sunnah is the second part of Islamic law after Quran, it means that its importance follows holy Quran, we can say that both of them are the orders of Allah because prophet Muhammad is just a messenger .Allah says : (nor does he speak out of desire, Indeed it is not except a Revelation which is revealed (just a messenger .Allah says :essage tance follows holy quran, we can say that both of them are the orders of Allah because p) [An-najm -3,]. So following sunnah is an important part of our Islamic identity and a must to have a true faith because it’s a direct order from Allah. He says: (Whosoever obeys the Messenger, indeed he has obeyed Allah. As for those who turn away, We have not sent you to be their protector) [An- nisaa’-80]. He also says : ( Whatever the Messenger gives you, accept it; and whatever he forbids you, abstain. And fear Allah; surely, Allah is Stern in retribution)[ Al-Hashr-7]. He also says : ( But no, by your Lord, they will not believe you until they make you the judge regarding the disagreement between them, then, they will not find in themselves any discomfort concerning your verdict, and will surrender to you in full submission)[ An- nisaa’ -65].

Al-sahabah didn’t leave any single detail of Prophet Muhammad’s life; they followed all his orders and mimicked all his actions, that was out of love not out of fear , they loved prophet Muhammad more than anything or anyone in the world. Their love was logical, because prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had all adorable good manners. The mother of Muslims (Aesha) said about him “he was walking Quran “.

We live now a hard time, inducements and errors surround us, the only way to live properly and reach heaven is to obey Allah and follow the prophet’s Sunnah. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) loves us and he is the only person that will care about us at the Day of Judgment. Do you love him too? If you love him, follow his sunnah.

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