The Five Pillars of Islam


Do you believe in existence of perfectionism? Actually there is no existence of this concept at any level, field or human law, man is imperfect and so all his work, inventions, theories and laws, that’s the human nature, today I’ll talk about perfect law, it’s Islam.


Zakat: Your Greatest Investment!

Zakat: Your Greatest Investment!

At this article I’ll handle the concept of zakat. it’s one of the five pillar of Islam that we all glorify, it’s the third one, it’s an obligation where Muslims give part of their money to poor and needy people, for a moment let’s shift from the concept to the language to know the meaning of word (zakat), it means growth, blessing and purity. May you ask now how giving a part from the money making it grow and increase? , and what is the link between zakat and purity?