Ramadan 2019 / 1440 : An Opportunity You Can’t Miss!

Ramadan 2019 / 1440 : An Opportunity You Can't Miss!

Ramadan is the ninth hijri month and one of the holiest times in the life of Muslims, it is a grant from Allah, golden opportunity for each good seeker, especially when you want to get rid of a guilt worrying you, or a bad habit which deprives you of the peace of mind, if you’re anxiously seeking some kind of peace for your soul, or you intend to do the good and acquire virtues, Ramadan 2019 / 1440 is your chance.


The Five Pillars of Islam


Do you believe in existence of perfectionism? Actually there is no existence of this concept at any level, field or human law, man is imperfect and so all his work, inventions, theories and laws, that’s the human nature, today I’ll talk about perfect law, it’s Islam.

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Hajj: A Faithful Journey To Allah!

Hajj: A Faithful Journey To Allah!

Allah almighty says: “Fulfill the pilgrimage and make the visitation for Allah” [Al Baqarah -196]. Hajj is the action of visiting Allah’s house (Holy Kaaba) in Mecca to perform rites of pilgrimage as Allah ordered, it’s the fifth pillar of Islam, it was imposed at the 9th hijri year, it’s imposed only on Muslims who are physically and financially able to afford cost and difficulty of travel, so you have to perform this duty once in your entire life if you are healthy adult having enough money to go to Mecca, perform hajj and return without causing any harm to your family or putting them in financial distress, Allah Almighty says: ” Pilgrimage to the House is a duty to Allah for all who can make the journey, And whosoever disbelieves, Allah is Rich, independent of all the worlds” [Aali ‘Imran-97].