The Benefits Of Fasting

The Benefits Of Fasting

Fasting is the fourth pillar of the five pillars of Islam that is the center of the rituals of the Islamic religion it isn’t ordinary worship but a fundamental underpinning of the Islamic religion, so God Almighty, made it an obligation on every Muslim capable of fasting. Perhaps given superficial view it seems to be that its purpose is merely to impose hardship and torture on Muslims, but quite the contrary, God Almighty imposed fasting for our good.

Studies had demonstrated the considerable benefits of fasting on the rights on all levels, spiritually, socially, psychologically and physically.

The Benefits Of Fasting
The Benefits Of Fasting

First, the physical benefits: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: (fast to be healthy), the scientists confirmed that the abstention from food for a period of time is very necessary in order to let human body doing its vital operations normally and healthy, prosecutorial frequently dining at all times puts our body systems under terrible pressure to get rid of the excess food, so the body becomes Exhausted and toxins begin accumulating and we gain more and more weight . Obesity is a high-risk factor for other serious diseases like hypertension and cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis, so fasting protects us from all these serious diseases and let the body repair itself to become healthier.

The Benefits Of Fasting

Secondly psychological benefits: at the psychological level, the process of fasting helps much to promote mental health, in Ramadan Muslim to refrain from a lot of bad habits -not just food and drink and sexual intercourse, but perhaps there is a lot of bad habits such as smoking and excessive eating or soft drinks and perhaps also bad psychological characteristics as the anger and ill-treatment of others and other. Whether these things absolutely Haram or just bad things that had A bad effect on our life, Ramadan and fasting help us to control our habits, so it’s a significant chance to train on Will power and self-restraint. It’s reported also that fasting decrease depression and anxiety.

Thirdly Social Benefits: The Fasting contributes to strengthen and enhance the social relationship between members of the Islamic Nation, everyone is committed to

the performance of that duty uniformly abstain from food at the same time and eating at the same time,

Probably met in the homes of each other or in occasions for breakfast together, that strengthens the ties of relationship, and contributes to making the isolated out of their isolation. The abstention from food for a period of time makes everyone feels the pain of hunger, reminding them of the suffering of their brothers of the poor, so it makes all society members help each other Narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor.

Fourthly spiritual benefits: Perhaps this is the greatest benefit among all because we are formed of body and soul each of which has specific needs. We always forget our soul needs and then our balance is disturbed and we became slaves to our serious problems. Fasting makes us communicating with Allah and helps to liberate our souls, it’s the shortest way to peace.

All of these benefits and more, outlined by the All-knowing saying: (and that you fast is better for you if you know)[ Al-baqarah-184].

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